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In the north of Paris is the town of Saint-Denis, named after the famous martyr. Its basilica hosts the tombs of the Kings of France for centuries. Visit the royal tombs in the Saint-Denis basilica.

The martyr Saint Denis was decapitated in the middle of this city which will become Paris. He took his head in his arms and walked north for several kilometers. His macabre way will stop at the place to which he will give his name Saint-Denis. The Basilica of Saint-Denis was first of all one of the first constructions in a style that would give birth to the Gothic style, a French architectural style of the Middle Age.

In addition to the purely architectural interest of the Dionysian cathedral, Saint-Denis Basilica is in the collective French consciousness, especially seen as the place where the Kings of France and their families.

Profaned during the French Revolution, the tombs of the Basilique St-Denis remain nevertheless a place of contemplation and commemoration for those who have made centuries during the history of France. The Basilica of Saint-Denis is easily accessible from the center of Paris, notably thanks to public transport. Do not count on a long journey to the commune of Saint-Denis, which is directly on the northern border of Paris. Duration of the quick visit.


Opening hours of the Saint-Denis Basilica:

Open from 10h00 to 18h15 from April to September, 12h to 18h15 on Sunday From 10h00 to 17h15 from October to March, from 12h to 17h15 on Sunday

Closed on 1 January, 1 May and 25 December


Entrance tickets Saint-Denis Basilica:


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  • Free for citizens and residents of the European Union under 26 and children under 18

  • Dogs not allowed

  • Memorial monument, proper dress is desired


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